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English Takes You PLaces

You need English for professional success. It's your ticket to a raise, promotion, or new job. Build the communication skills you need to achieve your professional goals.

What ithis course?

It's a ten-week business communication course for professionals learning English as a second language. Weekly emails give you lessons, exercises, and activities to build the business English skills you need.

Everything You need for success


Video Lessons

Access video lessons for communication strategies and language training.


Course Textbook

Download and save the course textbook with hundreds of pages of lessons and exercises.



Practice what you learn with quizzes and tests. Monitor your progress as you build your skills.



Connect with other learners around the world to help each other and grow together.

Learn on your time

You're busy. You need a course that gives you the flexibility to learn when and where you want.

Receive new material each week. Take your time to complete it and then practice in the group classes.

Everything You need for success

Business Functions

Learn to communicate for your every day tasks, such as writing emails, giving presentations, or speaking on the telephone. 

Build your ability to give an opinion, make a recommendations, or a variety of other functions.

Language Skills

Build your English grammar and vocabulary. Learn the language of business in the English-speaking world.

Target the specific English language areas you need to improve for real results.

Professional Confidence

Using English effectively every day at work will give you the confidence you need to take the next step in your career.

"I improved my communication at work in the first week! I now feel more confident when writing emails or in meetings."
Sales Manager

It's Time

Time to improve your workplace communication. Time to get that promotion, raise, or new job. Time to have the confidence you need to succeed!

Free trial

Get started today with a 2-week free trial. If the training isn't right for you, simply unsubscribe and you won't pay anything.

Once the free trial ends, the cost is $24.99 per month.